Main Buildung of the University

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Historical review and overview of the faculty
Main Buildung of the University
Image: Steffi Hohlfeld

The seven scientific subdisciplines - Applied Ethics, Educational Science, Communication Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Sports Science - reflect the variety of contents and methods of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

In addition to diversity, there are also commonalities that relate, for example, to human behavior and positive influence on human behavior. Due to the current challenges facing society through climate change, demographic aging or growing social inequality, the answers given by social and behavioral scientists to these issues are becoming increasingly important.

Dean's office
contacts, dates and information
Institutes and chairs
in outline
UHG - MItarbeiter
Researcher and staff
of the faculty
History of the faculty
from its beginnings in 1558 to today
Aula UHG
inaugurals, lectures, Honorary doctorates, ...
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