Hörsaal 1 auf dem Campus der Universität Jena am Ernst-Abbe-Platz

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Psychology

Hörsaal 1 auf dem Campus der Universität Jena am Ernst-Abbe-Platz
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)


The B.Sc. in psychology prepares you for all those practical aspects of working as a psychologist that do not require a Master's or Diploma degree. In addition, it enables you to take up further studies in psychology upon graduation. The undergraduate studies in psychology (B.Sc.) help you acquire necessary academic and methodological skills (i.e., central psychological concepts and theories; results of psychological research; strategies and methods of acquiring knowledge) as well as practical qualifications (tools for diagnostics, evaluation, prognostics, intervention). The undergraduate studies will not only introduce you to, but also prepare you for, different professions in healthcare, social work, education, research, administration, industry, and law.

The Institute of Psychology in Jena distinguishes itself through its excellent research. This is the foundation for an education in psychology that is both modern and internationally oriented. We promote the application of teaching and research through a variety of collaborations and evaluation projects in which we cooperate with companies, clinics, practitioners, and social organizations. We also combine excellent research/practical projects with work placements or theses. This allows many of our alumni to transition seamlessly from their studies to the fields of research or practical work they desire.


The duration of the B.Sc. programme is 6 semesters. All in all you have to earn 180 credits (1 credit corresponds to a workload of 30 hours).

Our studies are of a modular design. Modules can include lectures, seminars, lab work, exercises, tutorials, private study time, and exams. Each module consists of teaching units and examinations. In general, a module lasts two semesters. Detailed descriptions of our modules can be found in the module catalogueExternal link.

How to apply

A prerequisite for admission is the "Allgemeine Hochschulreife" (general qualification for entrance into higher education), german equivalent to A Levels (UK) or AP/Honors coursework (US).

You can apply online until July 15th via the following link:


Further information

There are a number of people you can contact if you have further questions. You can find the opening hours on their websites:

- course consultation offered by the Psychology Student Council (Fachschaftsrat Psychologie) de

- Service Center for Students (Studierenden-Service-Zentrum, SSZ) de

- examination office

Further information can be found in the information system "FriedolinExternal link", particularly in the module catalogue (Bachelor of Science) and in the sample study plan (B. Sc. in Psychology) and besides in the following documents:

- brochurepdf, 154 kb · de

- information on the mandatory non-psychological minor for your B.Sc.pdf, 57 kb · de

- study and exam regulations de

The Institute of Psychology at the FSU Jena is in touch with a number of universities abroad. The Erasmus programme offers you the opportunity to spend one or more semesters abroad at one of our partner universities. The credits obtained there can be accepted in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS): studying abroad.

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