Hörsaal mit Studenten


The Braintalks is the seminar series of the BPCN, composed of invited lectures, research reports and a journal club. PhD students and MSc, BSc students writing their thesis at the unit are expected to take the course. It will take place on Mondays at 14.00. It will be in a hybrid form with zoom meetings and "in person" occasions. (For Zoom invitations contact Gyula Kovács please)Friedolin Termin/Link unter "Lehre"
Hörsaal mit Studenten
Foto: Anne Günther (Universität Jena)
  • 2024 Summer semester

    02.04.  INTRO

    09.04. Kovács GTKY summary

    16.04. Lars fMRI and MEEG updates

    23.04. Attila Keresztes- Hippocampus -Berlin/Budapest - A critical look at mediotemporal lobe computations supporting memory specificity across the lifespan    
    https://www.mpib-berlin.mpg.de/person/attila-keresztes/1081741Externer Link


    07.05. Ana Chica: Decoding conscious awareness using EEG

    14.05. Cserjesi-Context Budapest 
    https://elteneuropsychology.wixsite.com/emind/what-do-we-doExterner Link

    21.05. Yang Shi Former EEG Studies


    04.06. Surl-TMS -BP
    https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-2740388/v1Externer Link


    18.06. Ana Chica-TMS-attention-consciousness-Granada, Spain
    https://blogs.ugr.es/attentionandconsciousnessExterner Link


    07.02. Rebecca Heinen -Concept, memory-DNN- Bochum
    https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00429-023-02636-9Externer Link

    noch offen      Gerda Hartwigsen Leipzig Language network





  • 2023 Summer semester

    22.05.  Manuela Nowotny  Neuronal Integration of Sound-Induced Responses in a Miniaturized Insect Ear 

    09.05. DIENSTAG!  Christine Nussbaum Vocal emotions on the brain: The role of acoustic parameters and musicality. 2 pm at Am Steiger 3/1, SR 009 together with Prof. Schweinberger´s Lab.  

    22.05. Prof. Dr. Manuela Nowotny (Institute for Zoology und Evolutionary Research)    "Neuronal Integration of Sound-Induced Responses in a Miniaturized Insect Ear"


  • 2022-2023 Winter semester

    06.02.  ---------

    30.01. Singh, et al (2022). How Machine Learning is Powering Neuroimaging to Improve Brain Health. Neuroinformatics, 1-22. PRÄSENZ

    23.01. Zanto, et al (2022). How musical rhythm training improves short-term memory for faces. PNAS PRÄSENZ

    16.01. Daniela Sammler (Frankfurt) Music production in the broader context of cognition (prediction, movement, social interaction) ZOOM

    09.01. Fernandino et al Decoding the information structure underlying the neural representation of concepts 2022 PNAS PRÄSENZ

    02.01. -----

    26.12. ----

    19.12. ----

    12.12 ---- Lally et al Neural representations of naturalistic person identities while watching a feature film PRÄSENZ

    05.12. Adam Takacs (Dresden) Modality-specific and modality-independent neural representations work in concert during sequence learning PRÄSENZ

    28.11. HOLGER WISE (Durham) How do I know you? Electrophysiological correlates of face learning and recognition ZOOM

    21.11. LARS ROGENMOSER (FSU) A brief journey into hearing: An exploration of auditory topics with brain-related measures PRÄSENZ

    14.11. Treder et al The hippocampus as the switchboard between perception and memory PNAS 2021 PRÄSENZ

    07.11. Landi et al A fast link between face perception and memory in the temporal pole Science 2021 PRÄSENZ

    31.10. ---


    17.10. ---


  • 2022 Summer semester


    11.07. Annekathrin Schacht.  Determinants of relevance in faces processing: from vision to interaction

    04.07. Empra rehearsal

    27.06. ---

    13.06. Andreas Jansen Marburg Developmental changes within the extended face processing network: A cross-sectional functional magnetic resonance imaging study

    06.06. ---

    30.05. Chenglin LI PhD rehearsal

    23.05. ---

    16.05. ---

    09.05 ---

    02.05. Michela Balconi hyperscanning applications for social neuroscience: the example of empathic behavior

    26.04. Juliane BräuerLecture hall of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Hospital Jena, Philosophenweg 3. Klüger als wir denken. Einführung in die Vergleichende Psychologie.

    11.04. Intro

  • 2021 - 2022 Winter semester

    17.11.  Mareike Grotheer Leveraging math and reading to elucidate the organization and plasticity of the human brain

    24.11. Mareike Bayer Neural representations of personally relevant faces investigated with multimodal imaging

    01.12. Chenglin Lo Visual short-term memory load modulates repetition related fMRI signal adaptation

    08.12. Romina Palermo 12.00 Person Perception in Perth: Recent Research on Facial Expression Recognition and Facial First Impressions

    15.12. Judit Gervain Learning repetition-based regularities in preverbal infants using NIRS

    12.01. Chenglin / Kovacs: Expertise, predictions and repetition suppression: fMRI results

    19.01. Maria Manahova Temporal dynamics of familiarity and expectation in the visual system

    26.01. Annekathrin Schacht  Determinants of relevance in faces processing: from vision to interaction

    02.02. Jürgen Kaufmann News from the other-"race" effect

    09.02. Helena Blank Predictive processing in human communication

  • 2021 Summer semester

    29.04.  Erez Freud  York University The contribution of the dorsal visual pathway to perception and action. It is a talk hosted by the AFC lab series (Meike Ramon). https://www.world-wide.org/seminar/2327/Externer Link

    06.05.  Judit Gervain (DPSS Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy)

    19.05. Chenglin Li (BPCN, FSU Jena): The effect of experience on the perceptual expectation.

    27.05. Charlotta Eick (FSU Jena) PhD rehearsal

    03.06. Maria Tsantani  (Univ London Dept Psychol Sci Birkbeck, UK) TBA

    10.06. Meike Ramon  13:30 beggining! (Applied Face Cognition Lab Department of Psychology University of Fribourg Switzerland) Super-Recognizers: What we know, what we don’t know and what we need to know

    17.06. Gyula Kovács  presents at Meike Ramons AFC lab series

    24.06. Katharina Dobs (Dept. of Psychology Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Giessen, Germany) A computational approach to understanding face perception in the human brain

    01.07. Sophie-Marie Rostalski (FSU Jena) PhD rehearsal

    08.07. EMPRA Rehearsal talks


  • 2020 - 2021 Winter semester

    05.11.  INTRO

    12.11. Charlotta-Blauch et al

    19.11. Geza-Grossmann,Zador, Hassan

    26.11. Chenglin-McGugin

    03.12. Chenglin-Moret-Tatay

    10.12. KGY-Rey

    17.12. KGY-Ratan-Murty

    07.01. KGY-Nestor

    14.01. Sophie-Siman-Tov

    21.01. Sophie-Rangarajan

    28.01. Sophie-Walsh

    04.02. Alexia-Contini

  • 2019 - 2020 Winter semester

    16.10. INTRO

    30.10. SFN report (GK, BPCN) - Rico Stecher MVPA

    06.11. Carolin Altmann (FSU, Anatomy): Perceived colour and appreciation of abstract art https://www.uniklinikum-jena.de/anatomie1/en/Research/Group+Redies.htmlExterner Link

    20.11. Gregory Kroliczak (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland): TBA http://kognilab-en.home.amu.edu.pl/Externer Link

    04.12. Nadine Wanke (Univ. Hamburg): Neural correlates of learned helplesness https://www.psy.uni-hamburg.de/arbeitsbereiche/kognitionspsychologie/personen/wanke-nadine.htmlExterner Link

    18.12. Chenglin Li (BPCN): Predictive processes for learning non-exptertise objects. Program proposal and state-of-the-art

    15.01. Franco Cauda/Tommaso Costa (Univ. Turin, Italy):TBA http://www.focuslab.org/Externer Link


  • 2019 Summer semester


    01.05. HOLIDAY


    15.05. ---FAK.RAT. NEYER REPL

    22.05. ANTAl ANDI


    12.06. PROPEDEUTIKUM TALKS-moritz -lukas

    19.06. PROPEDEUTIKUM TALKSjohannes-lu

    26.06. DOBEL



  • 2018 -2019 Winter semester

    17.10. INTRO

    24.10. FMRI PROJECTS summary -gk, smr

    31.10. HOLIDAY

    07.11. TMS PROJECTS summary -ce

    14.11. Amanda Marshall, LMU München

    21.11. EEG PROJECTS summary-ga

    12.12. joint seminar with ALLG1 about MVPA EEG

    19.12. Christian Gaser JUH Jena

    23.01. Ricarda Schubotz, Münster FRIDAY TERMIN!


  • 2018 Summer semester

    09.04. INTRO

    30.04. Michael  Hoffman

    14.05. Geza Ambrus

    28.05. Keresztes Attila

    04.06. Dario Urban

    11.06. Ricarda Budny

    18.06. Violetta Bierman

    25.06. Sven Heinrich

    02.07. Bahar Aydin

    09.07. Philipp Böhm

  • 2017 - 2018 Winter semester

    27.09. Patrick Johnson Queensland University of Technology, Australia):
    "Prediction and error in the visual brain"

    18.10. INTRO

    01.11. Gyula Kovacs (BPCN): "The predictive Brain"

    08.11. Daniel Kaiser (Charite): TBA

    15.11. Charlotta Eick (FSU): Albinism and the visual system

    22.11. Alina Peter (Max Planck Frankfurt): TBA

    29.11. Steffen Kluckow: UJH TBA

    06.12. Catarina Amado: FUTURE DIRECTIONS

    07.12. Sabrina Trapp (DONNERSTAG!!!)

    03.01. Mareike Grotheer (Stanford): TBA

    17.01. Jürgen Kaufmann (General Psychology I, FSU Jena): TBA

    24.01. Sophie-Marie Rostalski: Repetition suppression and learning

    31.01. Charlotta Eick-Geza Ambrus-Gyula Kovacs: Presentation of the TMS face network grant

    07.02. Geza Ambrus: Machine learning